Media relations for a new era​

Streamline communication, foster relevant connections, and enrich media storytelling.
Discover the tools that make Postbee an industry game-changer.


Journalist Queries

Postbee provides a live feed of requests and queries from journalists and bloggers, allowing experts and PR professionals to respond promptly with relevant information.


Customized Matching

The platform matches experts with journalists based on specific topics, industries, or areas of expertise, ensuring that connections are both relevant and valuable.

Expert Profile

Expert Profiles

Experts can create detailed profiles showcasing their experience, areas of expertise, and past collaborations, making it easier for journalists to find the right sources.

Pitch System

Pitch System

An intuitive system for experts to submit pitches directly to journalists, including options to attach press releases, research data, or other relevant documents.


Collaboration Tools

Direct communication and collaboration between journalists and sources, such as messaging, scheduling interviews, or sharing documents.


Feedback & Ratings

A system for both journalists and experts to provide feedback and rate their experiences, helping to maintain the quality and reliability of the network.